Prerogative takes precedence

Have you ever wondered why it sometimes takes so long for things to move, change in your life?? Why it is all so interminable?

This is because the Universal Being awaits your prerogative, for specific decisions in your life. We sometimes think that since the Divine Supreme Being knows all; then They should make these decisions on our behalf; since They love us so. It is true, They love us. Hence our reason for being here, existing in time and space, to exercise our Soul prerogative by choosing between Good and Evil. This is the essence of all we are and do.

Whatever decisions we make; even when we abstain, are needed or waiting for us to move – first – before the Supreme Being can act to bring our Soul desire into being. We create into manifestation in concert with the Supreme Universal Being. There can be no external manifestations, without our role or part in this.

The state of human society today results from the collective decisions of everyone. We are all important; our action or lack of it, has an impact, for good or evil. This is to emphasize that the role of your individual prerogative, will or agency for good is paramount for peace and love to reign. No matter how disempowered you have been; however your voice has been unheard, engage your Soul’s agency daily, in what may even appear to be inconsequential or small decisions or actions – for good. Do this each day and honor your innermost feelings as you go about your daily interactions. Your Soul will grow as you become more confident everyday in exercising your personal will and agency.

We can destroy Evil, collectively, as created Souls with Prerogative by affirming, desiring and creating Good throughout our myriad existences. When we encounter evil; we must engage our will for good to destroy it constantly and always. We live to affirm good so that our souls may expand and grow in eternity.


The Power of Anti-Darkness

The power of Light, and the power of Anti-Darkness at our spiritual core complete our etheric oneness with the One, the Supreme Being.

When we acknowledge the fullness of our cosmic power, we are able to transcend. The Supreme Being, so loved us, They brought us into Being. In their image, in all of Their Image. The image of goodness, light and love, and the image of anti-darkness, the power to destroy all evil. We must acknowledge this power in its fullness in our lives. And as with all gifts that are given by the One, it may take time to fully appreciate a gift in its entirety.

The more we draw from it, the more it grows and we grow. We must exercise our being, and our gifts, to their fullness. This is the Path. Our path of life. It is the full exploration of life within the various dimensions of our Being. We are constantly guided by our Maker and by our helpful spiritual Guides.


There is no one decisive act that leads us to triumph against certain challenges in our lives.

This is the result of a series of steps or actions taken by us in our spiritual sojourn. The one step leading to the next action that eventually leads us to that point of victory we most desire.

It is our showing up, everyday, that cumulatively adds up and moves wheels in the Universe, shifting open yet new gates for our grand entrance onto successive journeys in our soul’s learning here on earth and in time and space elsewhere. In our soul journey we honor all we are; when we are feeling elevated, loved, cherished; when we are feeling low, worthless, angry, fed up with it all. We should acknowledge and be present in all our feelings, however negative, for this is part of our exploratory process. All the contrasts provided in our experience are necessary and valid for our soul growth. To be deliberate and conscious in our existence is what turns the wheels in the Unseen for us. All experiences are valuable. Even when we pause, for breath. We need to understand where we are and why we are here.

The Universe and our spiritual guides are forever available to provide much needed support, help and love.

Pillars of Fire

In our journey of truth, we are constantly confronted by many challenges. Good is not only all things beautiful, peaceful, kind, generous, and many myriad qualities reflective of truth and purity. Good is also triumph over evil. The same way light destroys the darkness.

When light floods a room, the darkness literally disappears. The darkness does not flee the room, it is literally destroyed by the light. It disappears, and is no more. And so it is with our lives when we journey in truth. Our light, growing at the centre of our soul, at the core of our being, is a destroyer of darkness. Light, as of the Sun, brings forth all life on the planet. Without it, there would be no plants, no animals, no us. The same with the light of the soul, having the ability to bring forth to life that which is true, good and beautiful in us. This is made manifest in our physical, intellectual, emotional, social, communal and spiritual dimensions of our being. This light, at the centre of our soul, coming from the Source of Life itself, the Creator and Supreme Being is incorruptible and infallible. It is indestructible. And will destroy the darkness of evil around us; even within us. For when we are connected to the true Source of Light, this is our choosing and we no longer have any part with evil in this regard. This is how evil is destroyed in our being.

The same light goes out to destroy any evil around us. This means to disrupt, interrupt or reverse it’s intent in our lives, and those of all our connections in communion with our being. This is a spiritual exercise – even as the fruits of the manifestation are physical, emotional, social or communal. This is how we bring forth goodness in our lives, and to those we are connected with in truthful communion.

Transcendent Connection

You are a transcendent Being of Light. Ever growing, ever manifesting.

Our Will or personal agency, in choosing to connect with the Truth at the centre of our being brings about a state of harmony, called happiness. Happiness is a vibratory state that we feel when we are in tune with the Divine. We feel at peace and one with the whole of creation. It is the aim of all our journeys, the place we seek to be, when there is disharmony and incompleteness in our interactions both spiritual and social. The aim of the journey is to connect with truth, happiness and peace. It is inevitable that they occur together.

When we seek connection, we honor our life’s path and all of divine being. Our Soul growth can only be realized through multitude connection both with the Divine Being as well as with the whole of Creation.  This creates new spaces to explore, while respecting and minding all personal prerogative and integrity. You do not break the door down, to badge in and connect. The door has to be opened for you to be invited in; because you have earned this space in another’s life. This space, as should be in your life, has to be nurtured in order to grow with love, respect and integrity.

Connection is eternal, as we seek to join with, grow with, and meet all aspects of our myriad Divine Being. We are multitude. And We are One.

The Completeness of God

All Being as a manifestation of the Creator reflects in their unique way and form an aspect and quality of the Divine Being.

We are an extension of the Creator in each of our existences and being. Hence the need and importance for each one of us to honour our Life’s path to fully discover who we truly and fully are. Life is growth and expansion. And this is an Eternal Quest. As spirit souls we are favoured in that we have free will and prerogative. In this way we are different from the rest of creation which physically (matter and space-time) or spiritually (spirit entities such as angel spirits, nature spirits or even lower vibrational energies) are a reflection of the Will of the Creator.

As human souls we get to reflect our will and personal agency along our life’s path, without imposition from the Divine, for those decisions affecting our person as individuals. To mirror the Divine and to have the free will to choose between Good and Evil is a very special and sacred manifestation. It is a test for the triumph of Good over Evil. In order for our Souls to triumph over evil, we need for the goodness in us and the Source of All Goodness, who is God, to join together in this special journey. We complete the Divine in fulfilling this pivotal spiritual role, and the Divine completes us in our ascension to the Truth.

We need not fear when we fail, as we have multitude opportunities for manifestation in space-time to complete this important journey.

”It is through your challenges and deepest despair that the greatest opportunities for growth live, and so remember that this brief time in this dimensional space is all for your highest good, and that you simply can’t get it wrong, no matter what choices you make.”

Farquhar, Tracy (2014-12-06). Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom (p. 11). Infinite Joy Publishing. Kindle Edition.



Being as gratitude

The only way we can receive is to be grateful. Truly grateful.

Without gratitude, our connection to the Divine Giver is broken. We cannot truly receive, even as our gifts may be physically or socially manifest. We cannot fully benefit of them, the way we ought without a spiritual connection to the giver. And this connection is fostered by gratitude. All that we are, we owe to the Creator, not in the sense that we have to pay back for the love given. As a lot of spiritual traditions can erroneously lead us to believe. It is free. What was given, our Souls, our Being, Life’s Gifts, are all Divine and were given freely to be enjoyed. For God so loved us, we were made manifest. To experience the God Head, to experience what it means to be Divine.

For the Divine owed us nothing. This, however, does not detract from the responsibility of the Creator for all of creation to protect, nurture, nourish and sustain. Hence the Divine is always with us, regardless of our spiritual, physical or mental state. It is Divine Duty and not something we have to pay for. We freely exercise our spiritual agency regarding our life’s path, secure for eternity, for their love is unconditional.

Much as we have the divine prerogative for our individual Souls, the Divine Being has prerogative for all being, having created these into existence. And so we bow in gratitude to Divine Will, which is only in love, for love, to do what’s best for us and our own.